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2012: Best Japanese Restaurants in Lebanon


Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients (neta), usually raw fish or other seafood. Neta and forms of sushi presentation vary, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is vinegared rice called sushi-meshi. Raw meat sliced and served by itself is sashimi. The common ingredient across all kinds of sushi is vinegared sushi rice. Variety arises from fillings, toppings, condiments, and preparation. Traditional versus contemporary methods of assembly may create very different results from very similar ingredients.   We have a very high standard in Lebanon we can all be proud of.

Le Sushi Bar, Achrafieh:

Every time I visit Le Sushi Bar, my amazement towards this Japanese restaurant grows. The first and best Japanese restaurant in Lebanon, in my opinion, that takes care of every single detail, simply maintaining its position at the very top of the list. I have written a few reviews already about Le Sushi Bar, describing »more…

YABANI, Monot:

One of the first Sushi concepts in Beirut, and still considered as a reference for good sushi. Hundreds of sushi places have opened, or have tried, but Yabani is still one of the best. Its reputation in delivering fine Japanese cuisine for over 10 years, paving the way for many pretenders and very few equals. (Read More)

Osaka Sushi Restaurant & Lounge, Kantari:

“You eat well and feel light despite their use of a lot of Mayonnaise and variety of deep fried items.” Osaka Sushi Lounge, situated in the Kantari area of Beirut at the entrance of Hamra street, is one of the top five sushi restaurants around town. Osaka offers unequivocally the widest selection of Sushi in »more…

Ichiban, Zalka:

I was one of the first Ichiban customers since I had the chance to take pictures of the complete menu couple of years ago. More than six years later and couple of branches added to its portfolio, Ichiban is still one of my favorites. The Ichiban wraps are just the best: Choose from: Deep crab, »more…

Tsunami Beirut: (Review Coming Soon)

Tamashi, Mar Mikhael:

At the entrance of Mar Mikhael street, the recently popular dining and nightlife hub of Beirut, is Tamashii. You’re welcomed into a nice architectural set up as you walk into this small restaurant, Tamashii, serving exquisite contemporary Japanese cuisine. I loved the wood paneled walls, the red tiles line following the shape of the square place, »more…

Shogun, Verdun:

Shogun has a new location now. It has relocated to Dunes Center in Verdun. I was so excited to discover what this place has become. I still had the old location in mind. Do you remember Shogun? The old authentic Shogun. This small place in Downtown Beirut with its cozy warm, softly lit atmosphere where »more…

Sai, Mtayleb:

SAI, located on the Mtayleb highway next to photo Nubar and L’Univers d’Albert might not grab  your attention at first glance. As I live in the region, where a good Japanese restaurant is next to none, I couldn’t help but notice it tucked in one of the many centers in the area. A couple of »more…

Kampai, Downtown Beirut:

What was the hype all about. Everyone told me, it’s weird you haven’t tried Kampai yet – its one of the best sushi restaurants in town. I thought… “is that possible, better than Sushi Bar which I rate as the number one?” For some time, people have been talking about Kampai, located in Beirut Central»more…

Salmontini Achrafieh:

“La Maison du Saumon” is a fresh concept serving mainly Salmon based dishes. Salmontini smokes its Salmon in-house for a fresh and monitored result clearly felt from the first bite.  I would highly recommend the Saumon Unilateral or Salmon with Ricotta Cheese and Wild Rice. (Read More)

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