December 16, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

2013: Lebanon's Best Bistros and Brasseries

Towards the end of 2012, French bistros started to gain popularity in Lebanon... but the big boom took place in 2013 when two places on average were opening a month. I have tried to visit most of them and made it  point to try each more than once. Each of these bistros offer something special; each has it's on take on a bistros ambiance, food choices and ways of preparation.  Find below my favorite Top10. NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon   SUD… A Must Visit: La Cour Saint Michel Will Put a Smile on Your Face

It was truly love at first sight, the minute I laid eyes on SUD. A restaurant that’s really special in so many ways is the same that has set a name for itself this summer in Lebanon… A place that’s fully booked every day, no matter what the situation. This stands for something – good »more… Sud_Mar_Mikhael_Restaurant_Beirut57 Couqley Bistro: Now in Dbayeh
Just a few days ago I mentioned the news that Amarres’s closing at Zaytounay Bay which coincides with the opening of Couqley’s new branch in Dbayeh’s Blueberry Square. Amarres is owned by the same people who brought us Couqley, the French bistro located down “The Alleyway” in Beirut’s Gemmayze district. Known for offering traditional French »more… Couqley_Bistro_Restaurant_Dbayeh_Lebanon88

Bergerac French Bistro: Indulge Yourself in Fine South-West Specialities

I wanted to share my culinary experience as soon as I got home today, but thanks to the intelligent and over confident waiter, I spent the whole afternoon in bed after lunch. His arrogance didn’t allow him to stoop down a level and ask the chef if one of the dishes (confit de canard) included »more… Bergerac_Achrafieh_Restaurant_Beirut_Lebanon82 Prune: A Yummy French Cuisine… Like no Other
Lebanon is truly an amazing country and regardless of anything that goes on – the positive vibes prevails and a great example to this is the continuous opening of new restaurants – places that are exceptional in many ways. One such place is Prune, a French bistro that boasts the feel of its neighborhood, Mar »more… Prune_Mar_Mikhael_NoGarlicNoOnions52

Chez Jean-Claude, Achrafieh One of the best around. Few French bistros compare to Chez Jean-Claude, it suits all types of get-togethers and offers some of the most delicious French food in the city.   I never understood why Chez Jean-Claude is not as known as many other places in Beirut. The prices are better, the food is tastier, »more…

Chez Jean_Claude Bistro Francais

Le Petit Gris: A Rich Selection of Fine Dining Creations

It has been a year already since my last visit to Le Petit Gris. One of the first restaurants to start the French Bistros trend in Lebanon, Le Petit Gris welcomes guests into a casual fifty square meters place with only 45 chairs. Located in a very quiet neighborhood far away from the dancing tunes »more… Le_Petit_Gris_Gemmayze_Beirut53

Goutons Voir: Simple Setting, Tasty Food, Premium Meat  The place is simple and clear. Some like it while others don’t. But I personally think it’s exactly what you need to enjoy a pleasant dinner without any sophistication. Simple walls with high ceiling, a few candles lit here and there, a bar and square wooden tables with a touch of color from the placemats.»more… Goutons_Voir_Dbayeh_NoGarlicNoOnions45

Au Bistro de Michel: I’ll Simply Say… Bravo!
Don’t you just miss having some decent, affordable and tasty French meal with no sophistication and pretension? I just found it for you. Achrafieh welcomes a new neighborhood restaurant, Au Bistrot de Michel, which offers traditional French cuisine in a nice cozy place. Michel Madi, owner and manager of the place has developed the menu »more… Bistro_Michel_Achrafieh75
A couple of weeks ago, visiting La Cour Saint Michel, I discovered Bar Tartine by pure coincidence. A new place which was still closed at that time. I couldn’t but stand in awe in front of this unique concept that has quickly become a point for many in just a little time. Tartine Bakery gave »more… Bar_Tartine_Cour_Saint_Michel_Beirut72 The Hangout: Food and Wine to the Tunes of Chirping Birds
Local hotspot The Hangout, located in the heart of Gemmayze, mixes the old with the new, the traditional with the modern -  all in a beautifully colorful and hip interior . The Hangout offers over 100 different Lebanese wines to be enjoyed with special authentic edibles like mouneh and other cultural delicacies as well as »more… The_Hangout_Restaurant_Gemmayze42





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