December 10, 2020

5 Herbs To Stay Healthy In A Hectic Lifestyle



The human body faces several internal and external damages throughout the day. Gladly the immune system takes care of the majority of them. Although, it undergoes continual pressure to fit with our lifestyle. Some of these pressures can be extreme enough to rub off immunity adversely and hamper our body’s healthy functioning.

Therefore, it becomes critical for us to nourish the immunity and restore its balance. Apart from a healthy diet and exercise, you can give your system an extra boost with the following herbs.


Kratom leaves are commonly known for their active compounds that induce a feeling of euphoria. It has long been in use to energize the body and boost activity. A plant native to South Asian countries, is a part of everyday life in local communities where they prepare various tea connotations. 

Kratom acts as a stimulant believed to deal with stress, anxiety, pain, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Though it has high potency, it requires responsible administration. Certain places may have strict laws around their use and purchase. You can click buy kratom near me to check its availability in your vicinity. The active compounds in the top quality green hulu kapuas leaves, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, can help reduce pain. Kratom leaves can also increase blood circulation in the body. When used in the right dosages, it can enhance the body’s agility and shake off fatigue.



Holy Basil

Holy basil, also known by the scientific name Ocimum tenuiflorum, or more commonly as Tulasi, is grown abundantly all over South Asia and in some parts of Australia. Holy basil is a prominent part of Ayurvedic medicine and worshipped in various parts of these subcontinents. It adds longevity due to its enormous potential to manage several ailments. Surprisingly, the scientific findings concur with the traditional beliefs as Holy basil is proven to restore vitality due to its various adaptogenic properties. It can reduce psychological instability and benefit patients dealing with acute mental ailments like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Various controlled experimental studies proved its effectiveness in fighting infection and viruses. Sipping a cup of holy basil herbal tea every day can help control cholesterol and ease joint pain in the elderly.




Traditionally, alfalfa was grown to feed the livestock. The medical benefits of the herb were realized recently. Ever since then, there is no looking back for it. Soon it commercialized and transformed from animal fodder to a magical ingredient in nutritional supplements. The herb is a powerhouse of nutrition as it contains variable minerals and vital vitamins in abundance. Iron-rich alfalfa fulfills your requirement for daily essentials like folate and manganese, and vitamin K. 

It is not only the leaves but also its seed that is a powerhouse of healthy ingredients that manage metabolism and controls blood sugar levels. Alfalfa also shows anti-oxidative properties that help eliminate free radicals and oxidative stress from your system. Alfalfa is alkaline that can help balance acidity. Drinking it the first thing in the morning can help maintain the pH levels of the body. You can also add Alfalfa powders to your green smoothie to enhance its nutritional value.





Any list of health-enhancing herbs is incomplete without the mention of chamomile. You might have noticed several chamomile infused connotations and drinks on the market. Undoubtedly, it is a popular ingredient in many calming tea concoctions available these days. The sweet-scented daisy-like flowers of chamomile trees are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties to support muscle relaxation. 

Chamomile is rich in flavonoids that protect the body against oxidative stress and toxins. Apigenin, though a rare flavonoid, is abundant in chamomile. It protects the mind against hypertension.  

Apart from combating symptoms of fatigue and insomnia, chamomile also helps to regulate the brain microenvironment. Several aromatherapists suggest chamomile infusion to heal neural dysfunctions. The anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile can help improve digestive health by eliminating gastrointestinal conditions like stomach ulcers. Inculcating chamomile in your routine can bring a plethora of benefits, both mental and physical.


Elderberry is a commonly used medicinal herb used to supply the body with an extra dose of antioxidants and vitamin C. The entire plant, including flowers, seeds, leaves, and fruit, is robust with elements that boost immunity. For ages, people have managed to combat cold and flu with a cup of elderberry herbal teas. Elderberries exhibit a wide range of immune-boosting properties, right from being anti-fungal to antibacterial and antimicrobial. It pretty much handles multiple bodies invading bacteria and fungi. Given its popularity, one can easily find elderberry tinctures or syrup to add to your cup of tea.

The Bottom Line

A healthy mind houses a healthy body and vice versa. While a healthy diet acts as a building block for your body, an extra punch of nutrition from herbs can add to your efficiency. Some of the easiest ways to get the herbs in your system are preparing herbal tea from the dried edible parts of the plant. Many of the herbs are also available in tablet form for easy consumption. Most of the herbs are safe to consume. However, you consult an expert for additional guidance on dosage and interaction.

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