March 11, 2014

A $100 Tissue Box? Won't be Wiping My Mouth With These After a Meal

Part of our everyday lifestyle, tissues have rarely been seen around with luxurious tags. But a Japanese paper company, Daishowa First, has changed that by introducing the world's most expensive tissue box. According to the Daily Mail, the super soft tissues are the latest in their line of high-quality products for the super rich. The product is called 'Juunihitoe', a traditional Japanese word that refers to a twelve layered ceremonial kimono worn by a court lady.


Each box contains 144 tissues which are described as ‘vibrantly dyed, soft, delicate, with a quality feel, as only Daishowa First can do justice to’.


Priced at about $100 a box, the box includes twelve shades which have been named after the flowers and other naturally occurring colors. Pick your favorite or lucky color tissue from the range of sakura (pink), ake (scarlet), suo (sappanwood red), tachibana (mandarin orange), nanohana (mustard), wakamidori (verdant green), naeiro (seedling green), tokiwa midori (evergreen), wasurenagusa (forget-me-not), ruri (lapis lazuli), kikyo (Japanese bellflower), and fuji (wisteria). I guess we won't be using these to wipe our mouths after a meal!
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