October 19, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

A Bite of Beirut...The Video That Will Make You Drool

Sometimes the best things in life, and in this case, delicious bites, are closer to us than we think... I don't agree with the saying that goes, "kneese il areebe mab teshfe..." there's a lot to see, taste, enjoy near home...before traveling far into our country, how about we check out some some of the gems hidden within Beirut city. The capital of our country carries a zillion and one food treasures located on inside neighborhoods... 

A day spent in Beirut made me fall in love all over again in my country's capital... 

Join me on my journey around the city and enjoy some of the tastiest traditional bites this country has to offer - from traditional breakfasts, to little eateries that have made headlines on CNN, to unique ice cream flavors and more ...

Visit Beirut:


Orfali Jal El Dib: Good Sandwiches, Mouthwatering Homemade Desserts (Restaurant Closed)


Ichiban: Sushi Rolls with a Lebanese Inspiration