March 06, 2014

A Restaurant Where Every Corner is Designed Depending on Your 'Tempo'

Dealing with the materialistic world of today, the value of personal time gains, perhaps paradoxically, a vital importance. Time is now our most precious asset, but as a rule we tend to forget about it. TEMPO, designed by Parasite Studio in Romania, proposes a recess in the overcrowded schedule, a peaceful break during the day. Little habits can be reinvented inside a space which invites to leisure and lethargy.


The arrangement offers various configured places where you can “waste your time”. Some are designed for people in a rush, other comfortably designed on surrounded couches and other are exposed, placed between pillars, open towards the pedestrian space outside. The graphics is a personal interpretation of possible daily schedules, different for every one of us, but centered around their most needed breaks. Take your time…
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