December 10, 2020

AJJERNI: Rent Anything and Make Money

Lebanon’s First Rental Platform Allows You To Make Money By Lending What You Own

What is Ajjerni? 

Ajjerni is an online person to person (P2P) rental marketplace that allows you to lend and borrow items, equipment, and services to and from other members of the Ajjerni community. 
Make Money 
Do you have extra items and equipment lying around the house? Do you only use them 30% of the time?  Why not rent them out to fellow Ajjerni members? We know the economy is far from what we'd like it to be and Ajjerni would like to give its community the chance to earn a little extra cash on the side. Just upload items you're willing to rent, name your price, and wait for someone to rent it out. 
Save Money 
Why buy expensive equipment you'll only use a handful of times before putting it away in the cupboard? Ajjerni allows you to rent items you'd like to use temporarily. Search for the item you're looking for and rent it from a member of the Ajjerni community for a fraction of the price you'd have to pay to buy the same item! 
Meet People & Save the Environment 
Sharing is caring as the old adage says. By sharing your items with the Ajjerni community not only do you get the chance to meet cool people with similar interest but you also get to show the world you care about it by forgoing unnecessary purchases. 


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