April 01, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Al Soussi: Expertise and Knowhow Poured into an Authentic Breakfast

Been here, done that, but I didn't have enough time to enjoy my food while shooting an episode on Beirut street food. After visiting Soussi a couple of months back, Lebanon went viral and hundreds of you visited this amazing place to meet the men behind this fantastic breakfast place. 


This morning I'm back, I'm back to enjoy some nice food, the best of its kind, and that’s coming from someone who has toured Lebanon searching for the best foul, Fatteh and hummus out there.

Al Soussi has been there forever, Al Soussi is the place you have to take your kids, where authentic Lebanon is explained in a plate of Hummus.

The Fatteh here is to die for. A certain know how, a method of creation that’s so simple but filled with a love and passion that's felt in every spoon. The king starts by putting toasted bread at the bottom of the bowl followed by Laban, cooked chickpeas, than another layer of toasted bread around the edges of the bowl before throwing the mix of fat and pine nuts grilled to perfection a few minutes earlier on top of it all. The toasted bread absorbs the hot fat, turning them into crispy, firm chunks of bread. What an innovation! Crunchy bits of nuts and bread, cold laban with hints of orange and lemon and some smooth well-cooked chickpeas for an extreme unmatched pleasure. That's food porn! 


Eggs and Kawarma is not your average breakfast plate. I'm not sure how he manages to do it, but the moisture within, the watery eggs, the tender meat, the richness and fluffiness, the sumac and salt... I've had plenty of awarma, but none like this plate. 

Afterwards, Mr. Raji wanted me to taste a plate of Zaatar mixed with pomegranate molasses. Fresh green thyme with spicy chili and onions mixed with pomegranate molasses to add some sweetness in a plate offering an interesting lemony touch. Another salad they serve is one of rocket leaves and tomatoes; simple yet very tasty.


Last time, I didn't have the chance to try the hummus with grilled meat in its fat. This is a plate you should not miss. The lemony touch, the intense flavor of tahina and the tender meat. 


I've been around much, tried dozens of hummus, Balila, Mousabbaha and Foul places... Had eggs, salads and all kinds of authentic breakfasts... Al Soussi is different, the vibes at Al Soussi and the passion put in every plate are all very different and I love them. Al Soussi is a place you should try before you die in Lebanon.





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