December 10, 2014

An All Cooks Lunch: Promoting Lebanese Authentic Food

Come join me on December 18 for lunch at Tawlet to enjoy a rich buffet covered with authentic Lebanese food. The list of food choices are endless, but together with Tawlet, we bring you an appetizing selection of various Lebanese dishes prepared by Lebanese women from different parts of the country...
 Tawlet Lunch
After living a unique experience and tasting awesome food prepared by Fadya, Rima, Suzanne, Georgina, Nada, Em Amer, Anna, Saydeh, Ibtissam... and Kamal in the middle... I asked to meet those passionate housewives again for a pre-Christmas lunch at Tawlet.

Let's meet the ladies together and enjoy what each one has to offer - bring a bit of their culture to the table... all uniting as one for the purpose of authentic Lebanese food...

See you there...

  • When: Thursday December 18
  • Where: Tawlet Mar Mikhael
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