December 30, 2017 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

At The Airport: Lebanon’s First Red Velvet Cream Cheese Croissant

Phone Number:

Address: Rafic Hariri, Beirut International Airport, Lebanon


Price Range: 25-55 $

Discovering a one-of-a-kind red velvet croissant in New York, I asked chef Charles Azar, one of the country’s finest pastry chefs to try and replicate it in his own way; today, I was invited at the airport to try this unique creation and compare it with the original one. 


Chef Charles Azar is the pastry culinary consultant of Salt Gourmet, the Airport’s only restaurant located on the first floor between the two gates. Gourmet quality of food and unique pastry creations, this place is too good to be true. 

The croissant is a spot on: It’s less creamy than the one in New York, more upscale and gourmet, cheesier and has much more finesse to it. The red colored croissant is topped with red velvet crumbs and decorated with lines of chocolate then filled with a load of Mascarpone cream cheese among other ingredients. Bite into it and leave it to explode from all sides. 


A multi-layered croissant made of butter puff pastry the way chef Charles masters. This one is red, a bit harder and chewier yet excessively juicy. Inside is a load of cheese based cream which is more sophisticated than regular pastry cream. 

I’m sure it’s only the start, starting with the Red Velvet, I’m sure many innovative innovations are scheduled to be released; unfortunately, this unique croissant can just be found at the airport.






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