August 11, 2015

Batroun Festival: Wine, Beer and Seafood Night

Batroun International Festival presents the Wine, Beer and Sea Food night, a festive celebration of the city’s most valuable treasures, the breweries, Wineries and the local culinary tastes. People from all over will be invited to a special night where they will indulge in tasting these local products while enjoying the street’s music coming out at every corner of Batroun’s old souk.

  • Date: Saturday August 15th, 2015
  • Time: Starting 8:00 PM
  • Price: LBP15000 (including LBP5000 voucher to be used at any stand participating)
  • Location: Batroun Old Souk streets


  • Breweries: The one and only Colonel Beer  
  • Wineries: Adyar, Batroun Mountains, Botrys, Chateau Sanctus, Clos Du Phoenix, Domaine Najm, IXIR.
  • Restaurants: Chez Maguy, La Mareé, Salim Assal fish Market, San Stephano Del Mar, Ta3awniyet Sayadi el asmak.

The bands:

  • Peter and Naji
  • Dear Ear Band
  • Elie Margi and The Band
  • DJ Roland Raji

This event is under the sponsorship of BYBLOS BANK.


Batroun Festival: Beer, Wine and Seafood Night


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