May 07, 2014 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Be an NGNO Expert for the Day: Mission Shake Shack Review (Restaurant Closed)

Do you want to be a NoGarlicNoOnions expert for a day? So, I wanted to try something new. How about you review the restaurant? How about you give us your opinion about Shake Shack? Shake_Shack_Burger_ABC_Achrafieh_Beirut_Lebanon01 We'll be eagerly waiting for your comments at the bottom of the page as we check out the photos of the newly opened ABC branch. Have you tried Shake Shack's burger? What do you think about it? Shake_Shack_Burger_ABC_Achrafieh_Beirut_Lebanon12   Shake_Shack_Burger_ABC_Achrafieh_Beirut_Lebanon11   Shake_Shack_Burger_ABC_Achrafieh_Beirut_Lebanon15 We're waiting...  


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