October 23, 2012

The Beirut Cooking Festival 2012

NGNO is excited about the next Beirut Cooking Festival 2012. Homemakers and food lovers will be able to discover, meet, learn and cook with more than 22 celebrities’ chefs, f&b experts and events planners will lead around 65 workshops. From food, to tableware, to kitchen appliances, more than 60 exhibitors will update the professionals and public alike while enjoying the 3-day inspiration packed event.

A few things to look forward to the Beirut Cooking Festival:

  • Discover chefs’ insights for healthy meals as they give out recipes for every day dishes.  Some of Beirut’s best chefs will be present, inspiring visitors with festive tips and tantalizing Christmas dishes to re-create at home.
  • Lifestyle workshops will also enrich knowledge with latest trends from savoir-vivre and etiquette. All this over the just 3 days makes this event into a premier learning and entertaining experience, in which children also have their own art of cooking learning events especially catered for them.
  • Wine tasting and Beverage masterclasses will also be taking place daily with  some of Beirut famous wine, bear, tea , oil and coffee experts who will share their expertise and knowledge.

Taking place from 8 to 10 November from 11 am to 8 pm at the Pavilion Royal, Biel is perfect for food lovers and shoppers looking to add a little sparkle to their festive celebrations

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