March 15, 2019

Beirut Walking Tour

Interested in exploring layered history by foot?  WalkBeirut offers the only extensive, in-depth walking tour of our capital. The tour narrates Beirut's rich and often troublesome past and reflects on the city's enduring spirit.

WalkBeirut started offering tours in April 2009. Our concept remains simple: get to know Beirut by foot. We believe our city is best explained through storytelling, and we've come up with a walking route that is pedestrian-friendly and brings you to neighborhoods we think are critical in grasping Beirut's diverse history.

Roughly four hours long, the tour includes plenty of places to sit and rest while we introduce you to Beirut.

The following are several of the stops we currently include on the tour:

  • Banque du Liban;
  • Qantari Traditional Quarter;
  • Former Holiday Inn Hotel & 'Green Line';
  • Wadi Abu Jmeel;
  • Roman Bath House;
  • Grand Serail;
  • Place de L'Etoile;
  • Martyrs Square;
  • Samir Kassir Garden

You can reserve by sending an email to [email protected] 

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