September 01, 2012

Burger With Ice Cream Indredient? Why Not

Interesting to try. A burger with pickles, ketchup, tomatoes, onions ... OK...but ice cream? Why not?
A unique stand out entry is awarded top honors in the New York Beef Industry Council's sixth annual "Create the Perfect Burger" competition held at the State Fair in Syracuse, N.Y. The winning burger recipe, "The Perfect Ice Cream All Beef Burger," was created by Perry's Ice Cream customer service representative, Shirley Gawlik.  Gawlik's recipe features Perry's Vanilla ice cream as a distinctive ingredient and base for her burger's pesto sauce. "Cooking and creating recipes is my passion. While I was developing the recipe for the competition, my daily work at Perry's inspired me to ask 'why not?' try adding ice cream," said Gawlik.  "I knew the surprising ingredient would be an attention-getter plus the ice cream made the burger tender and the pesto sauce extra creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness." The "Perfect Burger" judges scored the 10 competition finalists on a scale from 1 to 10 in categories such as taste, creativity and presentation. The highest total score was declared the winner.
Gawlik's winning burger also received honors for the "Juiciest Burger" and most "Consumer Friendly Burger." The competition's grand prize was a BeefEater Gas Grill donated by the New York Propane and Gas Association and a year's supply of ground beef (an average of two pounds per week) or veal (an average of one pound per week). Gawlik teaches cooking through Pampered Chef and also creates her own recipes for food classes. She also creates custom recipes for classes and others who may request them, such as a newlywed looking to improve skills in the kitchen. This is the first time she has entered one of her recipes in a contest
(source:  The Daily News).
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