August 06, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Cakes & Bites: Your Homey Dessert Kitchen Now Open in Broumana (Closed)

Phone Number: +9613357475

Address: Beit Merry, Metn, Lebanon ( 09AM - 05PM)


Price Range: 5-70 $

I always called her the dessert queen, the pain perdu goddess, the creator of unique cravings... her name is Joyce and she's the lady behind Cakes&Bites, the famous cake booth of "Souk el Akel". Now open in Broumana, Joyce has newly inaugurated her kitchen, open for public from the early hours of the morning. Pass by for a bite, for a cake, for a chat or a coffee... come meet Joyce.


Nestled on the hills of Broumana few meters from Mounir Lebanese restaurant, Cakes & Bites is a large kitchen of 190 meters where fine cakes for all kinds of events are meticulously baked. From croissants to cookies, party and wedding cakes all the way to special catering for your events, Joyce would be happy to help.

On this beautiful morning I planned a visit to Joyce to check how she does her famous "Baba au Rhum" in a glass pot. A long day started with a hefty breakfast, a selection of homemade croissants prepared a-la-minute by the lady herself. Flaky and light croissants, plain, cheese or chocolate, a smooth satin feel on the tongue without being oily and fatty. Even though she uses only 20% of butter, the croissants feel right, good and light at the same time.


More things were waiting to be devoured and that before even starting the day. Joyce bakes an amazing cinnamon cake, soft like a pillow embraced with a crunchy emballage of sugar. Cinnamon kicks hard on the tongue creating a cocktail of emotions that start under the palate.

When I first got introduced to Cakes&Bites in 2014 it was by pure coincidence while having dessert at Mum&I in Badaro. I had a cheesecake which Joyce prepared again for the pleasure of my buds. Using premium ingredients, the cake is made of three distinct layers, a gelée of mango, a thick white cream and a bed of crunchy biscuits.


Back to the kitchen. The place is divided into several spaces, the cooking area, the display and decor tables, a storage area and an upper level mezzanine where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake. You can even book Joyce for a personalized course. Lemon cake followed...

Today's visit ended by creating Joyce's signature "Baba in a Jar". Check out the video and enjoy.


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