September 19, 2018 Madrid Spain Europe

Decadente Madrid: Everything is Unique, I Fell in Love
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 10/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 29/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 10/10

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With a review of 4,5/5 on google maps, and decor as beautiful as the one I discovered, I was so excited to browse the menu and enjoy the food. I felt the place from the minute I walked in, the beautiful soothing decor, the walls covered with stones, the candles projecting their warmth on the decorative items here and there, the bar and its display of bottles, the piano and the three paintings of a lady. I loved it how the restaurant is divided into two sections, the dining space prepared for a fine-dining experience and the bar. I was excited to eat!


Opening the menu is another experience; one of the most varied, complicated and exciting menus I’ve seen. Red tuna fish, croquettes, Iberian ham, red prawns, grilled pork ears, pumpkin ravioli, lobster lasagna, pappardelle beef, duck salad with avocados, fried meat, poke and beyond. I wished for a second if I could have it all!


I loved the details: Fiji water served in a silver stand, ceramic design plates, a water glass and a wine glass, white tablecloth and perfect lighting on the tables for better photos. I don’t know if it was a fortress or the stones have been brought here for the purpose: an impressive decor that will grab your attention.

Dinner started with a complimentary tomato gazpacho served in a shot and decorated with a sheet of toasted Parmesan cheese. A crunch followed by the beautiful acidity of the gazpacho and its subtle sweetness. The chef knows what he’s doing. I was even more excited to enjoy the main course.


Exactly as predicted the food is outstanding! I’ve never had fried pork skin, and these are exceptional. Thick pork skin, half a dozen layers of meat and fat, fried to perfection and salted with style. Five pieces of skin, a very thick skin, fried like chips, a crunchy border and a chewy heart of flesh. It’s so good, so divine, so innovative.

They also have hummus; it’s good like all non-Lebanese hummus around the world. More of cream, the hummus is served with Lebanese flatbread.


Now for the cheese plate: cheese and cream mixed with tequila and fired up at the table; a premiere for me, the taste of flamed tequila, the intensity of cheese and the spiciness of jalapeños. The food is good but that’s not what makes this restaurant unique, it’s the passion poured into every dish to impress. Bravo chef, you made an impact.

Main courses followed: a classy poke bowl; pappardelle cooked al dente with juicy meatballs, a plate of memorable pumpkin ravioli, a super duper loaded energy bowl, a juicy fish, fatty and tender beef and a gourmet burger. I was so happy eating from all the plates and digging into my poke bowl, that I obviously forgot to write my tasting notes. All I can say is that food is excellent, fine-dining qualities with no sophistication. OMG, the meat feels like a Kobe beef; the fat, the taste, the juiciness, the intensity and power of flavors is out of this world! The beef flavors stay around the mouth for long minutes after you swallow.


Desserts are as good as all the rest; mascarpone cream, banana split, cheesecake, and crème brûlée. Nicely presented, the desserts look good and taste great. I enjoyed the crème brûlée, the huge size of the banana split, the smoothness of the mascarpone cream and the way that cheesecake is presented for you to mix and enjoy.


Value for money: excellent! Nine persons, a bottle of wine and we ended up paying only 34€/person. 

Bravo all the way; if Google had a six, I would have been the first to give it to this restaurant. After eating average food around Madrid for the last four days, Decadente made my night.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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