May 14, 2017

Design Your Kitchen by Peleg

Peleg Design was founded in 2004 by designer Shahar Peleg. The products are designed to be functional while giving an impression of optical illusion that break our daily monotony. We have chosen some of their products that we consider as fun yet practical.

JUMBO: Jumbo with his magnificent trunk is the funniest cutlery drainer we have seen to date. Just place JUMBO so his trunk hangs over the sink so that the water runs in directly. Sometimes a running nose is all you need.


SUMO: Sumo is an egg-cup with the perfect optical illusion of a SUMO. So come on people let’s start the food fight !


SUGAR HOUSE: This magnificent snowball is in fact the sweetest sugar bowl of all. Peleg just took us far away with that one. Designed by Ben Broyde.


BABU: Babu is the toothpick Guru who sits calmly on a bed of toothpicks. Designed by Yaron Hirsch.


LASSO: This beautiful wine bottle holder is made of a metal chain specially painted in white to give the illusion of a soft rope that might just drop anytime.



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