July 11, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Domaine des Tourelles: A Little Bit of Chtaura in Beirut

Every time I pass along Monot Street I always look at a certain small shop and wonder what's inside. La Boutique is a wine shop or a cellar... I stopped to have a closer look.


Domaine des Tourelles is the oldest commercial winery in Lebanon starting business back with Mr. Francois Engene Brun in 1868. Today, Domaine des Tourelles has gained new international admirers and has been classified as the “most seductive” winery in Lebanon by the Financial Times. In 2011, the property launched its own boutique-cellar in the heart of Beirut at 250 Monnot Street under the name of “La Boutique,” the cellar is dedicated to all Domaine des Tourelles’ lovers as it exclusively displays the various products of the winery. A tasting bar has also been designed to host special wine occasions all year long.


An interesting shop offering up the various products produced by Le Domaine des Tourelles, of which the famous Arak Brun and the unique rosé wine are the highlights.

  • Domaine des Tourelles White
  • Domaine des Tourelles Rosé
  • Domaine des Tourelles Red
  • Marquis des Beys
  • Syrah du Liban
  • Arak Brun
  • Arak Brun Special Reserve
  • Oranjaline Triple Sec Liqueur
  • Brou de Noix Liqueur


I enjoyed looking closer at their wines and asked if I could visit the winery... The following week I would drive up to Chtaura...





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