October 25, 2014 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Em Bashir: The Famous Saj Bakery of Faraya
Authentic & Traditional

For the last thirty years I've been spending my summers around Faraya area and I never imagined that it had that many street food gems to discover. I came across Em Bashir, a lady who sits behind the window preparing saj sandwiches in a welcoming attitude.


To tell you the truth, I was never a big fan of markouk. I always preferred the thick and fluffy manakish baked in the oven, but when I tried Em Bachir’s markouk, my heart was struck, a coup de coeur if I may say so. It is thin like paper, crunchy like biscuit, generous like love and tasty like passion.

Try her zaatar markouk, the simple normal zaatar and don't be scared to feel any heart burn. Bite into this large Lebanese pizza style spread, which will break under your teeth like a galette de sarasin or a piece of whole-wheat French crepe. The dough is unique of its kind.

Afterwards, feel the fine oil and the local zaatar topping this UFO-like breakfast magic.


Not only that but don’t leave here without trying Em Bashir's specialty. Her special cheese dough with spices covered with sesame seeds. I usually taste my food and don't finish them until the end, especial bread items, but I couldn’t resist eating all of this. A bite, another and here I was finishing it. Melted cheese, smooth spiciness and the sesame, a touch of finesse I was not expecting to eat in Faraya.


Now you know... In Faraya, Em Bashir is not to be missed.

Em Bashir is located to the right side, at the entrance of Faraya before reaching AL Erzal. Look for a glass window where she stands during the day.

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