September 01, 2015

Exclusive Burger at ABC's Rock Shrimp Angus Brgr. (Restaurant Closed)

Today is a special day for burger lovers out there... and more so for people who love the burgers made by and I am one of them... How about I tell you that has launched a special burger exclusively at their ABC Ashrafieh branch. What is it I hear you asking...

Meet the Rock Shrimp Angus Brgr. Emmm the sound of it just makes me drool.


Rock Shrimp Angus Brgr is first from a series to come under the tag " ABC Edition". The burger giants will also be adopting this model for their different sites across Lebanon and eventually London. says that this new Gourmet Brgr experience is part of the brand's promise to always deliver the highest quality ingredients in a marvelous and well studied mix.

Expect a full review asap.



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