August 03, 2016 New York USA Americas

Fika: The Classy Cafe, The Famous Chocolate Truffles
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

A new trend is out there and it's called Fika. Fika is a new Swedish coffee chain which encourages New Yorkers to slow down... to take a minute and enjoy some of life's tasty bites. It's something we should all do worldwide. The name Fika in Swedish means just that apparently. With vivid imagination, passion and creativity, truffles are rolled beautifully. A must see. 


Chocolate truffles come with innovative flavors. A chocolate that comes with a late kick. Dark chocolate which starts like a normal piece of sweet until it starts building up to enjoyment. The salted caramel is about a caramel cream with a pinch of salt wrapped with a crunch. Then I bite into one, I didn't feel anything, I waited and here comes the Tabasco boom few seconds afterwards. Very well done with no sweetness. The champagne as good as the other, they're orgasmic! The whisky is surely one of my favorites, it's like sipping one big cup of whisky. Ouf!

Just when I thought I have had the best, something better came; the signature goat cheese. This deserves an article of its own. Oh my goodness, I licked my lips again and again. Unexpectedly awesome!


I tried other things as well... Chocolate brownies melt in your mouth with no effort, the cookies are delicious and the coffee was a perfect blend.  a good coffee... I am happy I tried Fika.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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