April 19, 2012

Haagen-Dazs's Exclusive New Cocktails at the Bay (Restaurant Closed)


You know how much I admire Zaytunay Bay... And now there's an even better reason to go down there... Why? Tonight, Haagen-Dazs launched their first ever Cocktails amidst the elite crowd at Zaytunay Bay. Haagen-Daz's venue at in the Bay, is the only place in Lebanon that serves these mouthwatering smoothies of signature ice cream cocktails, sorbet-blended cocktails and liqueur coffee. Believe me, the taste of rum, vodka or tequila is smoothly mixed with your favorite ice cream flavor.

You may not taste the alcohol in it, but trust me its there... I tried what they call Tequila Sunrise... I could taste the mango sorbet ice cream mixed with Tequila, orange juice and a hint of Grenadine Syrup. Very tasty... had a few of those... Now not only can you enjoy eating your favorite ice creams - you can now drink them too... Will bring you more details soon...    

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