December 03, 2015

Happy Eid el Barbara: Who Will You Be?

You can be whoever you want to be... A king, a queen, your favorite football player, a character from the ever popular Star Wars, a witch, a fairy, a hero or a chef... It's Eid el Barbara!
December 4 marks the day of  A special day called Eid el Barbara, a very popular day we all enjoyed as kids and is now enjoyed by our kids... It's an occasion to disguise the way they like, to wear any kind of costumes, scary masks... Go around trick or treating in their neighborhood with friends...

The story of this day goes back to when Saint Barbara disguised herself in different characters in order to escape the Romans who were persecuting her. 

She used to hide in wheat fields and that is why we eat this wheat  based dessert among other sweets like atayef on Saint Barbara’s Day.

So who will you be today! And which is your favorite atayef joz or loz...

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