May 23, 2017

Heinz Limited Edition Cans to Celebrate 50 Years

Heinz is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic Beanz Meanz Heinz advertising campaign with a new limited edition collection, available exclusively at Selfridges. 


Putting a personalised touch on the classic packaging, the commemorative baked beans cans are reimagined with 50 uniquely named labels. These are available to purchase individually at Selfridges London, Selfridges Birmingham, Selfridges Manchester Exchange and Selfridges Manchester Trafford. They are also available to buy in a 24-set on

To honour the creator of the campaign's famous slogan, Heinz has also produced 50 collectable cans for Heinz Beanz super fans (available at Selfridges London and Each can is numbered between one and 50 and has been personally signed by Maurice Drake, the advertising copywriter who came up with the slogan back in 1967.


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