February 16, 2017 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Hotel Colibri Baabdat: A Great Breakfast!
Morning Delights

Phone Number: +961 81 205 150

Address: Baabdat main street, Metn, Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/colibrihotellb/

Price Range: 60-200 $

Hotel Colibri Baabdat

I spent the night at Hotel Colibri in Baabdat...

I woke up hungry and was ready to kick start my day with a proper breakfast... I honestly didn't expect to have such a good breakfast ... seriously the best of things can be found in Baabdat...

Enjoy the photos! These images will take you to Baabdat in seconds...

  • Eggs Benedict: this is the last thing I expected to have at a hotel in Baabdat. Two muffins topped with smoked salmon slices, two poached eggs and the famous Hollandaise sauce. Lemony Hollandaise sauce, light and smoothly creamy, a perfectly cooked poached egg with a flowing egg yolk, good salmon quality... an interesting mix.


  • The stuffed croissant, large with a fluffy crust filled with shredded cheese and turkey slices. Even though the cheese is cold, the final result is delicious. Premium cheese, fine quality turkey, a good croissant and a filling one as well.


  • Scrambled eggs beautifully presented on two toasted whole grain slices of bread. Moist eggs, superb bread, crunchy crusts and slices of turkey. It's a meal I usually have at high end hotels in New York and London; very well done.


  • As simple as it looks, a clay pot with halloumi cubes and cherry tomatoes. So juicy, so fresh and so flavorful.


  • And now comes the muffin, probably the best muffin I've ever had in Lebanon, so fluffy it feels like a pillow, so airy and soft, it doesn't have anything but lightness and softness. An airy and light chocolate muffin served with chocolate sauce on top. Recommended!


  • Homemade bread and homemade jams. Light in sugar these homemade jams are a must try. Also try their frozen blueberry cream, their cookies which you will enjoy...you have probably had similar in esteemed places across the country. Then there are the large chocolate cookies, a white chocolate one, an oatmeal cookie and much more.


  • The best for last! The famous fluffy molten chocolate extravaganza that has zero sugar. Three layers of fluffy chocolate cake separated with layers of chocolate spread. Intense chocolate, 78% cocoa, served warm, so moist and so soft... So unique! One of the best chocolate cakes the country has ever seen - light, a superb indulgence that's guilt-free. Bravo chef, you deserve a trophy.



Suitable For: Morning Delights


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