December 30, 2017 Paris France Europe

Hôtel De La Tremoille Paris
Non-smokers friendly

Located in the 8th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris' golden triangle, Hotel de La Trémoille is one of the leading five-star boutique hotels the city has to offer. Boasting an extensive range of luxury rooms and suites, the hotel offers everything you would desire for your perfect Paris stay... along with a state-of-the-art spa and gourmet restaurant. Attentive and professional, I believe the staff makes of this hotel one of the leading five stars. Concierges, receptionists, door attendants are all at your service twenty-four hours a day.


At La Tremoille expect to meet many Lebanese staying for the week in Paris. I’ve been here for two days already and met six families. 

You are welcomed with a smile, upgraded if available, offered two complimentary drinks at the bar and accompanied to your room. We were given two communicating rooms up on the second floor. The hotel is not too happy and looks a bit old for my taste, large rooms that are filled with unneeded furniture making it hard to walk around.

I chose La Tremoille for the room size and reasonable price which are both a reason to plan your next visit here despite the many imperfections that can be easily fixed.


Let’s start with the pros:

  • Rooms are large for a hotel in Paris.
  • Staff is professional, attentive and quick.
  • Water pressure is enjoyably strong! One of the most abundant water showers in the capital.
  • The hotel is situated in the heart of Paris surrounded by hundreds of restaurants and touristic attractions.
  • Breakfast is interesting!
  • They use Molton Brown shampoo and amenities.

The cons:

  • Room decor is so old, dark, dimmed and old fashion.
  • It’s hard to walk around in the room.
  • Expect to eat the same breakfast every day! Nothing changed, no specials and no kitchen to order eggs from. I would have expected a breakfast menu from a five star.


I was waking up early every morning to enjoy breakfast and making sure to grab a drink at the bar before going for dinner; after three nights, I got used to this hotel and would love to come back to mainly for the location and staff attention.


Breakfast is served from seven until noon every morning. Smoked salmon, eggs and sausages, bacon and beans with a selection of fruits, cheese, and vegetables. It’s not the most complete of breakfasts though; you can’t order eggs Benedict or freshly prepared items from the kitchen. Nevertheless, I enjoyed coming here every morning. My only concern at hotels is when the restaurant is dark and dimmed on a morning: I expect to have sunny spells and a view of the busy street. A professional and attentive service, positive vibes... a great way to start your day with style!

Back to the room, and most importantly the bathroom details which are even better than the room itself. Loved the Molton Brown shampoo, the six choices of Molton Brown body wash, the intense water pressure, the bathtub, the freshness of shiny marble and size of this relaxing space. My recommendation, sleep with the window open cause it’s hot around the hotel like all overheated establishments in Paris during winter days.

Hôtel La Trémoille in Paris is an excellent choice for your next stay in the French capital.

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