March 15, 2019

James Asquith: The youngest Person to Visit 196 Countries

James was just 24 when he set the Guinness World Record. How he did it, his favorite airport and the piece of advice he has for other travelers.

This month on Business Traveller, CNN’s Richard Quest speaks to James Asquith, the youngest person to travel to all 196 countries on the planet. With a Guinness World Record and 643 thousand Instagram follow to prove it, 24-year-old Asquith tells the programme how his travels to a few ‘difficult’ countries eventually turned into the desire to travel to every country on Earth. After visiting his final country, Asquith tells Quest how he felt ‘depressed’ but now believes there is still more for him to see. He explains that he would like to revisit some countries, like Micronesia, to stay longer and explore more.

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