November 09, 2014 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Ka3ek, Kaak: A New Kiosk has Opened on the Metn Highway

Going down the Bickfaya road towards Antelias, a few meters after the Mazraat Yachouh bridge, you can't but notice the yellow caravan. Just open, Steve Riachi, the man behind this innovative concept, has landed in front of Mike Sport, selling kaak, simply kaak. 


Living in the area, I couldn't but stop and check them out. Fresh, smiling and loving life, the Kaak caravan is a guaranteed enjoyment for a cool start of day.

Simple and clear, all they offer is kaak. Savory and sweet kaak with two sizes, one like a Knefe and another normal sized one.


Ka3ek Kaak is waiting to serve you for breakfast starting from 6:30am until the late hours of the afternoon. Breakfast, lunch and early dinner, the choices are vast and varied. Zaatar, labneh, cheese or other mixes with some interesting sweet choices.


The best part is that the guys have their own oven. All orders are heated or toasted depending on the need.

I had the kashkawan cheese with Akkawi and another simple Picon. I recommend you ask for them to be toasted for a tastier experience. 

Don't look at the imperfections, the Caravan is only a week old and I'm sure they will be improving with time.

If you live in the upper Metn, a new breakfast choice is waiting.

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