January 26, 2016

Kitchen Knife Inspired from the Past for the Future

Consumers today are spending more time in the kitchen to preparing their own meals, entertain friends and more... so focusing on designing beautiful kitchen gadgets, utensils and cutlery has become a priority. Here's a beautiful knife inspired from the past and designed to fit the future. 


Titled the 'IP Knife,' the knife design looks and feels like a piece of stone age weaponry thanks to the carved, geometric design that is inspired by the aesthetic of the aero head.


Designed by Klivisson Campelo, the 'IP Knife' is meant to provide a modern yet comfortable means of chopping in the kitchen. Intended to be held various ways to obtain the desired form, the 'IP Knife' is a modern knife design that appeals through design yet satisfies with precision.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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