February 22, 2016

La Petite Maison Beirut Is Back Fresher and Bigger

Phone Number: + 961 1 999 380

Address: M1 Building, Minet El Hosn, Omar Daouk Street, Beirut, Lebanon ( 12PM - 12AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LPMbeirut/

Price Range: 80-120 $

My favorite restaurant is back in town... La Petite Maison has seen the light once again in Lebanon and this time it’s in a bigger and much fresher space! I am so excited that my favorite flavors are back, the music, the ambiance...


I'm a big fan and that's not a secret. I have been to La Petite Maison in Nice, Dubai and Beirut with a surprise waiting for me every time I visit. I met the chef, Raphael Duntoye, and spent some time in the kitchen with him and even took him for some Armenian food around the capital. A great character with an amazing talent…

The new location is bigger, wider and inspires richness and flavors…  Located in the Downtown, La Petite Maison is located on the corner street of the center facing Elie Saab and next to Bank Audi.

With high glass facades, huge grey tiles, high ceiling painted in white and colorful art pieces decorating all the walls.

Walk into a bar painted in black with golden strips and then move on to the dining area filled with tables covered with white tablecloth, white plates and the signature tomatoes and lemon as decorative table items next to the silver pepper and salt mills. 

Freshness and class, two ingredients used to create what La Petite Maison is all about around the world today. While lounge music plays in the background we sat for lunch. The same menus we’re used to at Le Vendome are brought in.... Inside you’ll find the Hors D'Oeuvres, Les Plats and the side dishes. Desserts come after.

This is the new La Petite Maison, enjoy the first pictures while I review the food.

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