August 27, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

L'Escroc Antelias:Tasteless Food in the Dark
Casual Dining

Phone Number: +961-4-405 005

Address: Naccache restaurants street, Antelias, Lebanon


Price Range: 0-0 $

L'Escroc is a restaurant located in Ashrafieh and well known among the youth … It is an easy going restaurant, good food at good prices. The opening of its second branch in Antelias was held a few months ago. I was invited there once and I think my experience was interesting enough to write about. 

The moment we had our seats,  the music and lights went off.  This is more than normal in a country like lebanon, but when the power failure occurs three times in less than an hour and each time lasts at least 15 minutes I start asking myself don't they have their back up electrical current? We ordered a Diet coke: That's something you can get wrong! The waiter told us we had to order something else because they didn't have diet coke… so i satisfied myself with a cup of water. Ten minutes later another waiter comes and asks again, what would you like to drink? I said I wanted a diet coke but I've been told there was none, he was surprised, denied, then came back with a can of diet coke. Weird!

The food was cold and tasteless. 

And the worst is offering Arguileh inside this cube with no proper ventilation although they had an outdoor terrace where one can smoke without disturbing others.

In my opinion, L'Escroc Antelias is one of the worst restaurants on the strip. You can read on their website: (I wish it's true).

The hottest host in town has its doors wide open , with Extended treats that will keep you going for hours! Not only will you taste buds have a field day with the variety and mouthwatering food menu, you can also be indulging with some mega sweet desserts on a homey breathtaking Terrace. To put a cherry on top of your plans, L'escorc has the honor to invite you to it's strategic bar, that will keep your cool level in check with the big games coming up, and a series of the best pocket friendly cheap shots you desire! If it isn't already, fun will definitely be part of you DNA at L'escroc.  

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