November 27, 2013

Let's BBQ Indoors with Volcano

How beautiful is is this piece of art? Who said barbeques can only be enjoyed outdoors? I can really imagine you preparing some pre-Christmas parties, inviting friends over for some BBQ and indoors. volcano_grill Designers Jinseon Yoo and Seoryeong Sharon Lee give us the Volcano barbeque grill concept. The concept gets it inspiration from volcanic eruptions that are very unpredictable and the flames dance out of the fissures to create a treat for the eyes. volcano_grill3 So, this Volcano barbeque grill concept allows users to enjoy the unpredictable burst of flames that can be seen in full-sized grills while maintaining a perfectly portable form factor that is perfect for hikers, campers and backyard diners! It can even be used indoors right on the dinner table!
Categories: Food Gadgets


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