August 21, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Lola's Bite: Really Good Cookies!

A box with six cookies. White cookies that look like orbs cut in half, and undercooked - but they certainly are not - chocolate chips and chocolate chunks on top... I didn't know what to expect or what to think... I took my first bite...WOW... super soft and flaky, smooth and milky with a light balanced sweetness. A heart of molten chocolate, perfect flavors...guaranteed enjoyment. I judged them too early. I've missed having fine cookies. And oh my goodness, these really are good... aromatic and tasty, the dough is unique and the filling is even better. Loved the salt/sweet balance caressing my lips which marries enjoyably with each of the five flavors on offer.


Now the second box... chocolate brownies. Just as I like them; like they should be done. Thick dark colored chocolate brownies, soft brownie squares like a homemade cake, real chocolate flavor without additional and unnecessary sweetness or a chewy bottom. I had one and then another... yummy!


You can call Laura on +96170970832 and order such pleasures to be delivered to your home.


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