July 18, 2021

Methods for Storing Food for a Long Time

To avoid wasting all the food nature provides us, we should all familiarize ourselves with the many methods for storing food for a long time.

Planet Earth does an excellent job of providing humans with delicious food. The problem is that we don’t always do a great job of eating what we’re given. Too often, we throw away food that’s left uneaten after meals. But when stored correctly, food can last for months. If we want to enjoy as much food as we can, we should familiarize ourselves with the methods for storing food for a long time.


Due to the widespread popularity of home freezers, freezing is one of the most common methods for storing food for a long time. If the process is done correctly, food can last for months at a time under freezing conditions. In fact, since bacteria cannot grow in frozen temperatures, food can stay preserved in a freezer indefinitely, though it will eventually lose its flavor. To freeze food, you must:

  • Set the freezer between -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit and -7.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Only freeze food that has been put in an airtight container
  • Write on the container the day you put the food in the freezer


Salting involves using salt to draw water out of food and stop bacterial growth. The two kinds of salting are:

  • Dry curing: Salt is applied to food and left to draw out the water.
  • Wet curing: Salt is mixed with water, and the food is added to the liquid to preserve it, often in a can.


One of the popular methods for storing jerky and other meats, vacuum-sealing kills bacteria by depriving the food of oxygen. Unlike other preservation methods, vacuum-sealing doesn’t require additional ingredients, so the sealing process doesn’t affect the food’s taste. To vacuum-seal, you should:

  • Make sure all the food is hygienic.
  • Put the food inside a vacuum-seal plastic bag.
  • Feed the bag to your vacuum-packing machine.
  • Store the bag in a cool, dry place or fridge.

With so much food on this planet going to waste, it’s vital that more people learn how to store their food for months at a time. Earth provides us with so much to eat, but it’s up to us to make sure we use our resources as efficiently as possible.

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