September 05, 2012

Microwave Popcorn Reinvented: Quinn Pop­corn!

"Our popcorn ker­nels are organic and non-gmo.  On top of that, we are ditch­ing the plas­tic and Teflon patched bags, hydrogenated oils, arti­fi­cial flavourings, and replacing them with recy­cled and com­postable paper, expeller pressed oils, and simple, mouth-watering ingredients."

Quinn Pop­corn is nat­ural and cul­ti­vated, the ingre­di­ents clean and pure, and the fla­vors dis­tinc­tively sweet, savory, and salty. Each box has 2 popcorn bags + 4 ingredient pouches.

Only available within the United States for the moment.

Categories: Spotted Stories


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