June 08, 2013

Mini Eateries for Mini Workers at KidzMondo

KidzMondo is the new theme park that opened in Beirut's Waterfront. This educational entertainment center welcomes children between 2 and 14 years old, offering an exceptional experience of the adult life. Children now have the chance to role act as real adults and learn from 80 different professions.


KidzMondo is a real city consisting of: hotel, hospital, fire house, grocery store, eateries, factories, artisan shops, gas station, archaeological sites, salons, an airline carrier and local entertainment.

Lebanese and international businesses operate in KidzMondo giving them the chance to learn and experience what it is to be an adult. MTV Lebanon, NRJ radio, LibanPost, Middle East Airlines, Bank Audi, Exotica, Tonino, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pain d’Or, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Sukleen, Pepsi, Samsung, Burger King among others...

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