November 23, 2013

Moët & Chandon: The World’s First Champagne Vending Machine

Oooh how luxe is this vending machine. Just in time for Christmas, Moët & Chandon just unveiled the world’s first Champagne vending machine at Selfridges on Oxford Street, London. Let the festive season begin. article-2511757-1993D5D800000578-618_314x612 At 18 pounds a bottle (around $29), these bottles are not purchased the same way a regular vending machines work. You have to pay at a special desk and then come press the red bottom and see your exclusive 200ml wrapped in gold bottles coated in mini Swarovski crystals come down a glowing cylindrical window. article-2511757-1993D57F00000578-602_638x756      
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