July 18, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

NGNO’s Top 10 List: 2011's Best Seafood Restaurants in Lebanon


1- Le Phoenicien, Tyre  Also known locally as 'Hadeed', after the family that owns and runs it, this is considered the best place for seafood in Tyre. With a nice location overlooking the water and friendly staff, it's a great place to linger over a long, languid lunch while watching the fishing boats. Along the same lines, though without the sea view, the Salinas restaurant, just next to Rest House, comes highly recommended by locals.(Read More)

2- Mandaloun Sur Mer, Beirut Waterfront (Review Coming Soon)

3- Mhanna Sur Mer, Amchit Did you ever have this sense of amazement when you enter and leave a restaurant? Leaving a place feeling happy? Going back home with a smile? This is what Mhanna Sur Mer is all about: Perfection! (Read More)

4- Al-Sultan Brahim, Jounieh Maameltein Al-Sultan Brahim is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in town offering its loyal customers a complete menu of local traditional food as well as the signature fish items. (Read More)

5- La Peche Du Jour, Edde Sands, Byblos (Review Coming Soon) La Pêche Du Jour, the Lebanese restaurant celebrates the bounty of the sea, offering fresh fish and all-season sea food specialties, accompanied by the traditional Lebanese mezze within a casual and trendy ambiance. The traditional narguileh is prepared and served by authentic chicha waiters

6- Chez Sami, Maameltein The restaurant chez sami specializes in premium quality seafood, and is located in the maameltein –jounieh region , servicing mainly the local markets of kesrouan, jbeil and metn as well as the tourists visiting the region and which represent a sizable portion of the client base is composed of businessmen, corporate executives and politicians who arrange their business lunches and dinners invitations at “CHEZ SAMI”. (Read More)

7- Le Galet, Tabarja The first impression was a bit awkward; it’s a small passage next to old houses, leading you to the restaurant. Once there, you discover very nice calm blue colors, decorated by some funky pillows, a large aquarium, adequate lighting and nice table ware an a splendid sea view. We ate very well. (Read More)

8- Karam EL Bahr, Zaitunay Bay The prestigious KARAM Beirut, one of the first high-end Lebanese restaurants in town is introducing a new concept:KARAM Al-Bahr. Not only is this local fish restaurant located at Beirut’s newest all-year round destination, Zaitunay Bay, but it is also stationed in a coincidental location for KARAM’s restaurateur. In fact, KARAM Al-Bahr will be taking on the legacy of previous KARAM, the family’s restaurant that was present in “Hayy el Zaitunay” over 60 years ago. (Read More)

9- Al Jammal, Batroun (Review Coming Soon)

10- Al Jazira Chez Louis, Maameltein (Review Coming Soon)    





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