March 15, 2015

NoGarlicNoOnions Receives an Unexpected Gift

As soon as I had mentioned that NoGarlicNoOnions is celebrating its third anniversary this month an unexpected gift arrived to the office. As I walked into the clinic, I was told to go and check the fridge. A colorful, intricately decorated round cake celebrating our anniversary was a positive shock...  Thank you Dulce n' Banana for this wonderful surprise. 


After reading my comment on Instagram with regards to our third year online, Sarah De Mehanna from Dulce n' Banana had the brilliant idea of sending us her red velvet creation.

The box is indeed heavy and makes you wonder what's inside. A thick round shaped cake, covered with white frosting wrapped around a moist heart of red velvet cake. Moist, juicy and tasty, the four layered sponge cake with three layers of cream is mouthwatering.

The cake is decorated with NGNO's Recommended Logo of 2015. Amazing idea Sarah!


The vinegar, vanilla and sugar as well as cocoa are clearly felt with an interesting subtle after note of saltiness. A good cake indeed.


Thank you Dulce n' Banana and thank you Sarah De Mehanna for your thoughtful gesture...

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