April 05, 2014

Orgasmic... To Say the Least: Prepare Yourself To Get Hungry

This French Ad Has the Most Unbelievably Gorgeous Food Shots Ever

If you like to cook, eat or look at pretty things, enjoy this gorgeously hypnotic bit of food porn from French coffee brand Carte Noir.


Created by Proximity BBDO and two directors from Le Potager, the visual craft is on par with Wieden + Kennedy's bar-setting 2012 paean to vegetables for British butter brand Lurpak. Someone more savvy to kitchens than I will have to parse exactly what's happening when, but basically it's about baking delicious little pastries filled with coffee-flavored cream to eat with your coffee ("Chou" also means cabbage in French, but don't be confused). The ambitious among you can find out how to make them, in French, over at the Carte Noire website, along with the following message. "Discover Rose by Carte Noire, greedy video reserved for women. Exclusively for men, this recipe is to enjoy with friends. But you resist the urge to share these adorable cabbage with your lover?" OK, maybe Google Translate didn't nail the details, but you get the idea. "Download the recipe without waiting!" is pretty clear, though. Overenthusiastic copywriting is always better in languages you don't actually speak, because you don't mind that ads are talking to you like a 3-year-old.

ROSE by Carte Noire from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

  • Chromatic porn food serie - https://www.cartenoire.fr/recettes
  • Agency : Proximity BBDO Paris
  • Creative Director : Valérie Levy-Harrar
  • Associate Creative Director : Audrey Tamic
  • Music Producer Composer : Aymeric Lepage
  • Art Director : Rémi Jamin Art Buyer : Francine Jiminiga
  • Brand Account Manager : E. Devezeaux de Rancougne
  • Project Managers : Aude Beauvallet, Anne-Sophie Riou
  • Directors : M. Roulier et P. Lhomme Production : Le Potager Prod.
  • Food designer : Emmanuel Turiot
  • Style designer : Sylvie Bagros Editing : Bruno Herlin
  • Concreat sounds : The Hot Line Via AdWeek
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