November 26, 2013 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

PappaRoti: A Yummy Caramel-Coffee Glazed Bun

We often crave to try something new. Haven't you had enough of donuts and croissants. I have!  I finally found an answer for the change I was looking for and it's right on Bliss street, Beirut. PappaRoti is an international franchise coffee shop that's known for its unique coffee caramelized-coated buns and the top-notch quality of beverages. With over 200 franchise around the world, of course Lebanon is by no means an exception. Everything that's new and unique, we have it!
The magic begins from the moment you sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer of the bun. These glazed, caramel-coated buns are now primed for a brief spell in the oven before being served, freshly- baked with that distinct aroma that simply shouts: Sink your teeth in!
A few months ago I came across 'PappaRoti' on Facebook. The name caught my attention. Although it was curiosity that led me here but believe me when I say, I wish I came here earlier.
Located in the middle of Bliss street, the popular street that boasts the American University of Beirut, this coffee shop is like no other. It sells only one single item: "PappaRoti". One bun with a unique flavor.
PappaRoti has successfully developed a unique and single recipe that surpasses cultural diversity and appeals to an international audience.
Great. But here a thought crossed my mind. If a person doesnt like coffee or caramel, I can't see them coming back just to drink coffee only, right? A thought: Even McDonald's the burger giants sells salads, wraps and desserts on the side. This coffee shop has to widen its choice of items to bring in more clientele.
PappaRoti, a three level shop is divided into a welcoming area, a students study space and another seating area on the first floor. Based on brown and green colors to blend with the bun and tea, this place is handled by passionate people who take all the time needed to make you love their concept.
Again I think to myself, how do they pay the rent of this three-floor coffee house by just selling one single item?
The place described:
  • A normal coffee shop that sells one single signature item
  • Brown tiles cover the floor
  • Green painted walls decorate the space
  • A long bar with its oven behind it where the PappaRotis are prepared freshly
  • Brown leather furniture with dark wood fill in the space
What to expect:
  • Signature Tea
  • The one and only PappaRoti bun
  • More than ten different flavored dips that come with it
A professional waiter took all his time to explain the concept of the place and explained the types of dips available and gave us suggestions as to what kinds of dips to choose: chocolate, cheese and a homemade dip accompanied by the signature tea. Everything was tasty and I enjoyed my Saturday breakfast much more than I had expected.
A nice bun: Buttery with a rich feel of coffee caramel topping. The journey starts with an aromatic experience where the rich scent of coffee enters your nostrils and triggers your appetite to open. As you bite into the bun, a crunch caresses your palatal buds before you reach the inner part that melts like butter under your teeth. In the middle of each bun is a cavity filled with light butter. To accompany these buns we ordered the dips our waiter recommended: the cheese mix, a chocolate one and a third that a homemade creation: Strawberry, white chocolate and blueberry.
The white chocolate mix was too sweet, as for the cheese, I am not so sure how it fits with the bun. If you want my opinion, no dip is needed. The buns are exquisite as they are. They are rich in flavor, aromas and textures. Enjoy it as is. A large bun is sold at 5,000L.L this is an interesting to look out for.
Signature Tea: In a special plastic container we were served hot water along with a mix of homemade herbs in an hourglass. Three minutes after it starts, the hot water is transformed into tea and is ready to be served. Take the jar and tilt it towards the cup and watch the tea being filtered  into your cup.  Creative indeed with a unique non buttery taste.
Tasty buns, rich dips, fresh and non bitter tea would make me come again. I really loved the buns.
I was surprised by what this place has to offer. The professionalism behind serving tea, Mohammad the waiter passionate about his job and the PappaRoti buns, simply delicious and exquisite. Bravo for everything. I wish I was an AUB student to have one every day.
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