February 11, 2016

Rise Above Lebanon: Discover Beauty from Above

Rise Above Lebanon: Christian Ghammachi is one of the many people in our beloved country making the effort to show our country from a different angle, showing the richness the country holds in all it's corners... I personally appreciate his work in showing Lebanon in a unique way...


After reading what he wrote in his introduction, I realized that like me, like you and many of us... there's a lot we don't know about our Lebanon:

When starting Rise Above Lebanon, I did not realize just how much I was going to discover.

I had left Lebanon in 1998 and had been increasingly drawn to new destinations, different cultures, people and places, while exploring my photography. I had grown more and more detached from home, thinking I had exhausted what could be photographed, believing there was no room for surprise, creativity or inspiration.

But the limitations were in me.

Five months roaming across all of Lebanon have shown me just how wrong I was, and the images I share with you in this book tell a completely different story; One of utter beauty and diversity, of resilience and immensity. I can only hope that while going through this book, you too might feel like you are standing upon your desk and looking at things in a different way.

Rise Above Lebanon is the fruit of Christian's endeavor to unveil the beauty, diversity and wealth of Lebanon from a different viewpoint: Above! Using drone technology, Christian journeyed across Lebanon and captured unique images from angles that were never before possible. The book, launched last Christmas shows Beirut from a bird’s eye view and very recently a beautiful video inspired the book has gone viral, allowing viewers to fly across the mountains and valleys of Mount Lebanon, be captivated by the turquoise waters of the North, soar atop the immensity of the Bekaa, and discover the ancient ruins of historical cities such as Tyre, Baalbek, Byblos, Faqra, Anfeh....



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