April 16, 2013

Rollware at Milan Design Week 2013: Make Your Plate and Eat it Too!

During the Milan Design Week 2013, Rollware, a creative approach based on kitchen utensils used in the past, were reintroduced in a new way. The laser-cut rolling pins are redesigned for baking your own edible dishware; showing how low-tech appliances can be reintroduced into alternative design tools for new experiences in the kitchen.


The Rollware designed is designed by three students Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius.


The rolling pins which come in sets are used for three separate functions, the first and most obvious, rolling the dough flat, the second, imprinting the design onto the dough and the third, cutting the dough into a plate size circle.


The dough-plate is then baked and used as a substitute for plastic disposable dishes which instead of being disposed of, can be eaten.

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