June 24, 2017 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Stacks: Delivering Mouthwatering Pancakes Around Beirut (Closed)

She visited my office to offer a sample of her pancakes... I ended up having them at least once a week! Sara is indeed the princess of pancakes.


Stacks! Yes, real pancakes, three of them, a stack covered with one of Sara's unique sauces. I love the double chocolate pancake with its chocolate dough and chocolate sauce. Stacks offers up some of the country's best pancakes, you have to try them. Soft and moist, airy and not chewy, chocolate flavored with a chocolate sauce that smothers them. A smile on her face, Sara brings in her customers with charm... she's not just the princess, but the queen of pancakes!


I love them because they're done just right, with love that is palpable in every bite. Adequately sweet, soft, light bodied and airy, enjoyably spongy and covered with premium ingredients each offering a sensational culinary experience. 


Order your pancakes at home or meet Sara at Souk el Akel every other week of the month.

Tel: +961 3 928 158


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