February 26, 2012 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Sydney's Lounge Restaurant at the Vendome InterContinental, Beirut (Restaurant Closed)

This is a great place to go after a night of partying; it’s relaxation paradise.

Finish partying and let's meet at Sydney's. Cozy couches, dimmed lighting, a couple of drinks, and wait to see a great Mediterranean sunrise. Call your friends, puff some cigars together, and spend hours discussing business on the relaxing leather couches. Enjoy your favorite cigar and a refined glass of cognac at Sydney's while watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in Beirut! Or, meet a new girl you want to impress and spend some time with, Sydney's is the place. This is Sydney's, don't expect more, and try not to be too demanding about the food quality, as it’s average and acceptable but a bit too expensive for what you get. Situated on the highest floor of the Vendome InterContinental Beirut, it has a touch of luxury that impresses.



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