September 16, 2013 Bickfaya Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Tallet Nasr, Naas Bickfaya: An Affordable and Pleasant Experience I Recommend

Up on the hill of Naas, facing Fadel Restaurant is Tallet Nasr. We decided  to give it a try. Tallet Nasr is a typical Lebanese restaurant located in the Bikfaya Naas region surrounded by pine trees and the best panoramic view of the region. Adding to that is a simple concept, generously delicious food and soothing sounds of mother nature hissing in the background. A perfect Sunday remedy. 
"Le Valet" parking company obliges you to use their services by blocking all the parking spots on the street. A hostess then welcomes you, and here the head waiter approached us for the order.
Angry and in an extremely bad mood, he started taking the order. To continue and have a decent lunch I stopped him and said: "You are in a bad mood on this beautiful Sunday but we have nothing to do with it: Smile or send someone else." His mood changed instantly and things were as they are supposed to be.
The ambiance, to start with, is beautiful. A relaxed feel of a Lebanese restaurant with concrete flooring, wooden chairs, white table clothes, trees and a beautiful view. No music is needed as nature takes care of this point. A large terrace, an upper balcony and an inside seating area can host hundreds of guests. Next to the entrance, a garden which is also a  playground for kids can be used for private functions.
I loved the simplicity this restaurant has without any pretension or boosted claustrophobic decoration.
The food was good and tasty:
  • Hommos is very tasty, fresh, consistent and decorated with premium olive oil. They don't use garlic in it
  • The stuffed vine leaves are acceptable, the tabbouleh a bit lemony but good and the fries are exquisite. Home made, thick and crunchy
  • Labneh is homemade like all the other food items served
  • Rkakat jebneh, grilled and generously filled are delicious
  • The makanek are soft and tender like nowhere else.
  • The birds are crunchy and tasty
  • The Talet Nasr Ras Asfour is awesome: Small pieces of meat mixed with dried tomatoes and well cooked onions. A plate that deserves an applause
  • The Kebbeh is exquisite, big and generous with peanuts stuffing that makes these balls outstanding
I honestly don't understand how people still go eat at the neighbour's.
I liked:
  • The small ice cubes are perfect for the small arak cups
  • The presentation of the makanek and the hot plates in copper casseroles
  • The branded individual bread bags. Small and big sizes
  • The availability of Markouk bread produced live to consume
  • The reasonable prices are one of the main things that will make you come back
I didn't like:
  • The fattouch is too sour. I couldn't eat more than a bite
  • The staff needs to be more welcoming and should learn to smile more
A quick comparison:
  • We paid $30/person - we ate until we were all satisfied. We paid $60 nextdoor and left hungry
  • The menu is wide, diverse and covers all the Lebanese mezze. A minimal choice is imposed on the other side
  • All the prices are 50% cheaper than the neighbour
  • The portions are bigger and more generous
Tallet_Nasr_Naas_Restaurant55 Lunch ended with Halawet el Jeben and Ashta with honey. Both good with a mouthwatering presentation.
Allow me to compare for your own benefit: If I want to have lunch in a crowded place in Naas, I will definitely choose Tallet Nasr. You eat ten times more, enjoy a wider and more generous choice, and appreciate perfect and delicious quality at cheaper price than on the other side of the road. Tallet Nasr is a Lebanese restaurant close to home and I will be visiting it again with the family soon. If you are searching for a smaller place with a homemade cuisine and a welcoming owner, Chebli is then the place.





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