April 26, 2012 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Grid Coffee Shop: Please Smile!
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The Grid is a tiny urban coffee shop in the Beirut Souks that offers a variety of hot and cold beverages along with sweet and savory snacks for people on the go. Located in Souk Sayyour, Souks Beirut next to TSC, I decided to drop by for a quick cup of coffee after finishing one of my meetings in the premises.

It was a lovely day, sunny and all things around was positive until I walked in to two people at the Grid, welcomed by two people who were obviously not having a great morning. I asked for a Latte and looked around to munch on something. I asked, "I read that there are bagels here." The waitress pointed to small window box with one or two bagels... that looked very unappealing... At least pretend you're in a good mood to service the client. I asked a few questions about some of the crackers like snacks and was answered very abruptly with an attitude and rolling eyes. I felt that I was wasting their time.

It was still 11 am. Although there was plenty of food its still felt that it was empty. A box of salad, a couple of sandwiches, an odd looking wraps sandwich, a few cupcakes and some croissant... I was not impressed. It’s a busy area. People are walking around. The place does not call you to come in... I ended having a plain croissant that was not so fresh, the coffee, which was extremely hot and spilled on me, no one bothered to help with some tissue paper... I remind you, the place is TINY. No way they wouldn't have seen me...

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