June 19, 2014

The Proper Way of Cutting a Cake: Would You Ever Use it?

Forget everything you know about cake cutting; this new method could turn the seemingly straight-forward practice on its head. Although, using the word ‘new’ isn’t accurate, because the method is actually a 100-year-old trick unearthed by London-based author and mathematician Alex Bellos.

In his latest YouTube video, Bellos describes how taking wedges out of cakes leaves them susceptible to drying - and we should instead be cutting them in lines so the whole cake can be sealed and stored.

Stop, you're doing it all wrong! The 'new' method of cutting cakes was actually first described in a letter to the journal Nature on 20 December 1906. The modern method of cutting cakes into wedges has not seemingly been under much scrutiny, but perhaps this new technique will provide a useful alternative article-2661278-1EE2FE4E00000578-492_618x356
  • The cake is not destroyed
  • You can save the uneaten portion for later and it’ll be just as fresh as it was when it was uncut!
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