January 15, 2020 Paris France Europe

The Pulitzer Hotel Paris: I'm Back After Seven Years!

Phone Number: +33 1 57323461

Address: 23 Rue Du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris, France

Website: http://www.hotelpulitzer.com/en/

Price Range: 200-300 $

I'm back... After Seven Years: The Pulitzer. A four stars hotel, 13 minute minutes away from my point of interest, was a great choice where I spent most of my time in my cozy room working or watching TV.


The Pulitzer hotel, nestled on rue du Faubourg Montmartre is still as is, as I left it seven years ago. You reach a long lobby, a reception on the left and open space on the inner saloons and bar. Concentrated use of wood, coupled with rusted metal follows you all the way. Behind the reception, you'll be fooled by a large poster of keys, adding this old touch to a hotel mixing between art, modernism, and sophistication all by maintaining original traditions.


The lobby is worth passing by for a quick look or a drink: An open space all covered with wood and decorated with shiny objects. Long and large parquet strips cover the floor. A black ceiling keeps you focused on the art below. Three chandeliers welcome you with style Stairs. The right leading to the breakfast area and the reception on the left. Two grey couches face the reception. Paintings and sculptures add the fine art feel you expect Dividing the space in half is a library, more of a dining area with two metallic tables, their chairs, lighting, and decoration. More inside, a large well lit saloon can host dozens of guests for drinks. Six pending glass chandeliers and a wall covered with mirrors. A slight climb to reach the intimate saloon. At the very end, Chesterfield couches and a chimney transport you into the British capital. Metal, red curtains and lots of sculptures in a space entertained with music all the way.


Excellent location, good service, calm ambiance, and relaxing sleep is what one needs to enjoy his stay. Check out the previous review and enjoy the hotel's details.

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